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My name is Kayla and I am excited to have you here!

As a born and raised Territorian, I understand the uncertainty around fluctuating economies. I have seen small and medium sized businesses fall on hard times, and their respective owners struggle with wearing all the hats in an effort to stay afloat.

You may have found yourself asking – how do I focus solely on the core skillset and growth of my business while juggling those behind-the-scene tasks that are crucial for business survival?



Administration is key in ALL businesses – you really can’t not tend to this no matter how tedious it is, or how time poor you are when you factor in everything else. You might find yourself not being able to justify hiring permanent employees but recognising that you do need help.

Outsourcing to a virtual assistant will free up much needed time for you to focus on the more skill-specific parts of your business, give more time back into taking care of yourself, or allow you more opportunities to spend with your family and friends – or all three!

You also aren’t liable for things like:

- superannuation contributions (9.5%)
- annual leave loading (1.34%)
- long service leave levy (2%)
- worker’s compensation in some cases (3.1%), and
- additional overheads such as office furniture, stationery, training, etc.

These costs can really start to add up and in times like these, you want to save every extra dollar you can get. I understand that, and I want to help you do this.

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"If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not,

you're putting yourself out of business."

- Lee Kuan


Person Organising Workday

These services center around general administration, as well as providing support in a personal assistant capacity

Woman Taking Notes From iPad

These services will save you plenty of time when outsourced, meaning you can focus on those tasks that compliment your skills more

Woman Typing at Work

These services focus on the use of Microsoft word and the more advanced tools, as well as proofreading and finalising documents.

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